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Full Share:

20 weeks(or more) at $30 per week

$600/season of 20 weeks

Egg Share:

$5 per week

Details for Subscribers

Shares of produce are available on pre-arranged days, from late-May until mid-October, at the farm, 5209 W. Burnside Road. They will be ready after 1 pm unless otherwise arranged.

Egg-only shares will be in the small refrigerator by noon of the pre-arranged day.

Please make checks payable to Amaranth Produce.
Payment is due either:

a) in total at the beginning of the season

b) at the first pickup of the month for the total of weeks that month

c) upon pickup each week.

Produce not picked up by the end of the pre-arranged pick up day (dusk) will be forfeited, unless the subscriber otherwise arranges with the farmer by phone beforehand.

Subscriber is requested to bring back the provided bags and containers alternately each week. I reuse returned egg cartons and other bags and containers.

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